Amsterdam red light district prices

Inside information by people who are grown up in this neighbourhood, know the stories and all the changes of the last years.  

Overall the girls are very hard working girls, who just like you, want to have a nice time for their money. 

Prices 2012. 


Top girls in big traffic streets  Average girls  Girls around  'the old church' 
Fuck and Suck  €50 (although some girls will start for €40)  €40-€50  €35-€50 
Fuck and Suck and touching breast  €75  (negotiate and you can for €50) €50-€75  €35-€50 
Positions €75-€100 (negotiate and maybe you are lucky €50  €35-€50
Greek  €80-€100 or not at all €50-€100 or not at all  €40-€70 or not at all (depending on negotiating and which girl)
Handjob €50 (although some girls will agree with €40) €40-€50 €25-35


Top 5 tips you need to know, to have an happy ending. 


1 Negotiate about what you want, don't be shy to be very specific about what you want to touch and if you want some other position then on top of the girl
2 At the end you buy time, and you have for about 20 minutes!  So if you are to drunk or take to much time to finish, the girl can start arguing and ask for more money
3 You can ask for toys/ dildo. Some girls will do this for a little extra money (€10-€30). Some don't at all.
4 Girls don't want to loose a customer or money. Negotiate respectfuly and you will get a better price then you thought. 
5 Follow your feelings, talk to a few girls before you make that jump, if your feeling is not right, choose another one.