"We are an offbeat company who wants to create exciting things"


"Friendly, naughty and a bit crazy"


Exciting group tours in and around the red light district


We are an offbeat tour company  in the heart of the Red light district who want to create exciting and entertaining things. We like to present ourselves as friendly, naughty and a bit crazy.


You haven’t truly experienced Amsterdam unless you have been to the Red light district. This square mile called “De Wallen”, is the oldest part of the city. But also one of the most exciting and entertaining neighborhoods in Europe.  To really understand this neighborhood, we offer our Red light district tour, behind the scenes. A day tour because we think you can see more and better during day time, when it’s less crowded and dark. We are an offbeat company, we do it our own way.

“Sex is a funny thing, we do our best to shock you and your guests into laugher and applause”

We offer our unique  ‘RED LIGHT DISTRICT TOUR- BEHIND THE SCENES’ an exciting walking tour for the curious people.

Since June 2015 we have our unique RED LIGHT BOAT, an electric boat with a Red Light look.

With this boat we are offering RED LIGHT BOAT TOURS. Starting in the Red light district.


Red light district tours truly offers something for everyone, where you are looking for a rip-roaring time, or a place to entertain your out of town guests.





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